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24 November 2020




Dear Graduates, Students and Staff

We are pleased to inform you that the University of KwaZulu-Natal is now in a position to commence issuing degree/diploma certificates to all 2020 graduates.

The issuing will be undertaken by scheduling an appointment to collect the degree/diploma certificate on the Westville Campus, via the Certificate Collection booking system.

The certificate collection booking system will only be open initially, for those graduates who graduated in the May graduation ceremonies and will distinguish between the May and October graduation ceremonies. The system will open on 26 November 2020, for the May graduation ceremonies and on 17 December 2020 for the October graduation ceremonies.

The Certificate Collection booking system allows graduates to select whether they want to personally collect their certificates on the Westville Campus or receive the certificate by registered mail (at no cost to the graduate), however, if you arrange a courier to collect on your behalf, you will need to bear that cost.

If you graduated in 2020, please read sections 1, 2, 5(a) and 6.

If you graduated prior to 2020, that is 2019 and earlier, please refer to sections 3, 4, 5(b) and 6.

1.  2020 Autumn (May) Graduation

Graduates whose qualifications were conferred during the 29 May 2020 virtual ceremony, are invited to log in via the link provided, to schedule an appointment to collect, or give instruction to post the certificate.

To access the Certificate Collection Booking system, please click on this link:

Upon entering your student number and your Identification (ID) or passport number, the system will automatically generate a collection date.  If this date is not a suitable date, you may select another preferred or suitable date (excluding weekends). The system will however not allow a retrospective date selection. The booking system will open on Thursday, 26 November 2020, for appointments to collect May 2020 certificates, as from the beginning of December 2020.

For assistance in the use of the graduation certificate booking system please email

Please note that some PGCE graduates may not be able to schedule an appointment due to amendments being made to the certificates.  All affected parties will be advised via email, an updated communiqué and on social media, once the certificates are available.  These affected PGCE graduates will then be able to schedule an appointment.  We apologise unreservedly for this particular delay.


2.  2020 Spring (October) Graduation

The system will be opened on Thursday, 17 December 2020, to schedule appointments for collection from 6 January 2021.

Please note the University will close at 12h00 on Thursday, 24 December 2020, and will only reopen on Monday, 4 January 2021, at 08h00.


3. Certificates of Qualifications conferred/awarded before April 2020

While every effort will be made to assist graduates who graduated prior to 2020, and with requests for duplicate certificates, the focus during December and the early part of January 2021 will be on ensuring that the 2020 graduates are assisted with their certificate collection.


Graduates prior to 2020 graduation ceremony are requested to email their requests to: or

These officials will respond to you within 5 working days with an appointment date to collect your certificates (this is subject to the fee clearance confirmation from our Fees office).

4. Replacement of degree / diploma certificates

Please download the application form from the University website:

Complete the form and email it with all the required documents to the persons mentioned on the application form. Once your certificate is ready for collection, an appointment email will be sent to you with a collection date.

The turn-around time for replacement certificates is 10 working days.

On collection of your degree/diploma certificate, please ensure that you produce either your student card, smartcard ID, passport or driver’s license.

Please note that the University will close at 12h00 on 24 December 2020, and will only reopen on 4 January 2021 at 08h00.


5. Posting of certificates

(a) 2020 Autumn and Spring Graduation

If you want your certificate to be posted, select “post” and add the address to which you want the certificate posted.  Your certificate will be sent by registered mail, and confirmation of the tracking number will be emailed to you.  The certificate will be posted to you within 7 WORKING DAYS of receipt of your request.


(b) Certificates of Qualifications conferred/awarded before April 2020

If you want your certificate to be posted, please provide us with your current address on your email request. The certificate will be posted to you within 7 WORKING DAYS of receipt of your request.

Please refer all queries to, or or

6. Third-Party Collection

In case you are unable to collect your certificate in person, third party collection of certificates is permissible provided that the person collecting the certificate at the allocated time has:

  • Written consent from the graduate concerned, including the graduates full names, ID/Passport number and Student number, and the full names and ID/Passport number of the person collecting on their behalf.
  • Certified copies of the graduates ID/Passport, and that of the third party. The documents will be taken in by the official handing over the certificate.
  • Forward the email with appointment date to the person because this will be required at the gate for access to campus.

Without these documents, no certificate will be handed over under any circumstances.


Issued by

Dr K Cleland

Registrar (Acting)





College of Humanities 1

College of Humanities 2

College of Law and Management Studies

College of Health Sciences and College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science 



30 October 2020



Dear 2020 Spring Graduates,


This communique contains useful information not only about accessing your e-Certificate and e-Transcript, but how to deal with common queries and issues that may arise.


I am pleased to inform you that the Digital Certificate Web will go live on Saturday 31 October 2020. 

E-Certificates come with certain distinct advantages, namely:

  • Your certificate(s) and/or academic transcript will always be available online. There can be no misplacing them or loss due to theft.

  • Much greater security protection for you, an employer and the University, as the authenticity and veracity of the certificate is easily confirmed.  The risk of certification fraud is greatly reduced. You and a potential employer can have comfort that you rightfully obtained the certificate and that the degree certificate was indeed issued by UKZN.  The QR code verification site is
  • You will be able to access your e-Certificate and e-Transcript from anywhere in the country and world, at any time. This means no delays with having to email requesting a copy from the University, no additional cost for a replacement certificate and no plans to collect or courier.
  • There will be no need to make copies, or have them certified and couriered when applying for a job - all you need to do is share the e-Certificate.

If you do not receive an email from UKZN on Saturday 31 October 2020 advising you to access your e-Certificate, please register, via Google Chrome, on the link below.

Registration for all 2020 Graduates is via

You will need to register, and once registered, you will receive an email requesting you to click on a link to confirm your registration. Please ensure that you complete this step.

Please do not register more than once, as you will not be able to view your e-Documents, and will need to seek assistance leading to delays.


Please ensure that you don’t leave any space(s) before or after your enrolment/student no., email address when registering (So don’t copy and paste your email address in for example. Type it in with no spaces).

WHERE CAN I GET HELP? This help email address is closely monitored by staff during working hours, and queries to this help email are responded to in the shortest possible time.  The certification admin team are however, not able to assist with fee queries and/or clearance. Please see fee and library details lower down.  Please take care to include your student number in any email sent, either in the subject line or in the body of the email as this will also speed up dealing with your query.

Please take note of the following:

  • In keeping with UKZN policy, any person with fees outstanding or a Library hold only has access to their e-Transcript.   
  • Any graduate with fees outstanding will not be able to view their e-Certificate. Only once the outstanding debt has been cleared, after emailing the Fees Office on your respective campus (see details) with proof of payment, will your e-Certificate be released.   

Electronic payments and deposits can be made to the following bank account:  Bank: Standard Bank

                        Account Number:                053 081 072

                        Branch Code:                       04 54 26

                        Reference:                             Your Student Number (mandatory)


Fees Offices Contact Details:


Medical School:                      





All fee related queries need to be directed to these email addresses, Please remember to include you student number in the subject line/body of your email. 

Bursary and Loan queries need to be directed to the Student Funding Office.

  • Any graduate with library fines/books outstanding will not be able to view their e-Certificate.

Electronic payments and deposits can be made to the following bank account: Bank: Standard Bank

                        Account Number:                053 080 998

                        Branch Code:                       04 54 26

                        Reference:                             Library fines:              2064-11857

                                                                        ILL fines:                      5251-30352

                                                                        Lost books/Admin Fee: 2076-30354


Proof of payment should be emailed to the relevant contact person:

Edgewood Library:   Ms S Naidoo

Medical School:                    Ms P Naidoo       

Howard:                                 Mr O Jagarnath    

Pietermaritzburg:                  Ms C John            

Westville:                                Mr S Khumalo    

  • E-Certificates and e-Transcripts are not available to print or download for security reasons.  
  • If you receive a message that says ‘user account approval needed’, please try to log in again after 24 hours, as the necessary back-office approval needs to be redone.
  • If you receive a gateway/timed out error message, please try again a short while later when the system might not be as busy as it was at the time.  

For ease of reference, I am attaching two documents outlining the processes to follow when accessing the portals as a 2020 Graduate or 3rd party.

For both the Autumn and Spring 2020 graduands, plans are underway to print and conclude hard copy certificates for all our 2020 ceremonies.

The hard copy certificates should be available by the end of November 2020.  Plans with respect to collection and/or distribution will be published in due course.

All that remains is for me to congratulate you on your achievement, and wish you well in all your future endeavours.


Issued by


Dr K Cleland

Registrar (Acting)


UKZN- User Guide - eCertification - Student Portal

UKZN - User Guide - eCertification - 3rd Party Portal


28 October 2020



Dear Graduating Class of 2020


We are pleased to share with you details of the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Spring virtual graduation ceremony for the class of 2020 which takes place on Friday, 30th October @ 12h00.


List of Graduands as per College:

College of Humanities 1

College of Humanities 2

College of Law and Management Studies

College of Health Sciences and College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science

As Acting Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Nana Poku will officially confer degrees on all graduands who have succeeded in meeting all their academic requirements including those students who will receive their qualifications posthumously. The Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Deans will convey their congratulatory messages to our graduands.


The decision to host a virtual graduation has been made in accordance with the national lockdown and social distancing regulations to safeguard all South Africans from contracting Covid-19 (Coronavirus).


Our graduands and members of the University Community will also be able to join the ceremony via the link: However, this link will only be active and accessible on Friday.  Graduation programmes are also available on the webpage link provided above. 


The University’s annual graduation ceremonies are at the heart of the academic calendar. We understand that the ceremony is their proudest moment – a joyous and grand occasion which our graduands share with peers, family and friends. Although we are precluded from hosting a traditional physical graduation ceremony, we are elated at the opportunity to present it in a virtual space for our graduands to celebrate in a whole new and unconventional way.


Issued by

Dr K Cleland

Registrar (Acting)


16 October 2020



Dear Graduating Class of 2020


I am pleased to announce that UKZN will be hosting a virtual Spring Graduation Ceremony on Friday, 30 October 2020 at 12h00.


At the ceremony, the University will be conferring a total of 1811 degree certificates, 1000 of which will be awarded to undergraduate recipients and 811 to postgraduates. There are 493 Masters (thesis) and 221 doctoral graduands.


In these challenging times, a virtual graduation ceremony allows us to honour your academic achievements as well as provide you and your loved ones with a graduation experience. The graduation will be live streamed and the link will be communicated in due course. We intend to make this virtual ceremony every bit as rich and meaningful as possible.


The University will be posting information regarding the distribution of graduation certificates and academic records at the end of November 2020.  In the interim, an e-Certificate Solution is being used, and after the virtual graduation, your e-Certificate will be available online provided you are not in debt to the University. What would greatly assist you at the time of graduation, is if your UKZN fee account balance was fully settled. This makes the entire certificate download process much smoother.

We are currently compiling the relevant information, programmes and messages, which will be uploaded to our website.


We look forward to sharing these graduation experiences with you.


Issued by

Dr Kathy Cleland

Registrar (Acting)



 PLEASE CLICK HERE if you want to purchase/hire your academic attire and take photos to make this a memorable occasion  House of Graduates flyer










Graduation is one of the most important occasions in the University's academic calendar where students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, receive their hard-earned degrees and diplomas. Indeed, graduation marks the culmination of many years of personal sacrifice and hard work that have laid the foundation for successful and inspiring careers.

At graduation, Honorary Degrees are also conferred to distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to society, both in South Africa and at a global level. In addition, University Fellowships are conferred on outstanding academics for research excellence as well as The Distinguished Teachers' Awards are presented to academics for teaching excellence.




  • What do I need to graduate?

    Students are encouraged to visit Student Central for purposes of checking and verifying the correctness of their biographical and registration information.  Degree/diploma certificates and graduation programmes are printed and posted, if necessary, using the information captured and stored in our database.

    Please ensure that your NAMES are correct and same as on your Identity Documents/Passport.

    Ensure that your record shows the correct QUALIFICATION.

    If either of these are incorrect or need to be amended, please contact your College URGENTLY and before 20 March 2020, for these to be updated.

    College Contact Details: ..


  • Where & when?

    The April Graduation ceremonies will take place on the 14th and 15th April 2020 at Olympia Hall, Royal Agricultural Society of Natal, Pietermaritzburg and 17th - 24th April 2020 at the Sports Centre, Westville Campus, Durban.   THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

  • What to wear?

    The official academic dress must be worn for the ceremony, namely gown, hood and mortar board for the degree that will be conferred.

    Please note that the academic attire should be worn over formal clothing

    The academic attire can ONLY be purchased or hired from the official suppliers, HOUSE OF GRADUATES who will provide the correct attire for your qualification. 


    Graduation attire may be ordered in advance.  







    HOUSE OF GRADUATES will be at the Squash Courts, Sports Centre, Westville Campus


    House of Graduates contact information:


    Telephone: 031 301 8015/ 086 111 1455

    Whatsapp/ SMS: 076 675 7799



  • What to do on stage?

    1. Staff from the College or School Office will assist you in going onto the stage at the right time and will ensure that you leave your mortar board on your seat. Your hood should be draped by the neckband on the left arm, and your card held in readiness for handing to the Dean to announce your name. The Dean will hand the card back to you.
    2. The card will also be used as acknowledgment of receipt for your degree certificate. Please sign it and present it to the College or School Officers issuing degree certificates.
    3. Graduands proceed towards the Chancellor and kneel with your right knee upon the stool. The Chancellor will then confer the degree on you. A photograph will be taken on stage at the time of the capping, so please look up at the Photographer.
    4. Proceed to the Robing Officer and hand the hood to him/her. Then turn and face the congregation, so that your hood can be draped over your shoulders. A photograph will again be taken, so please look ahead at the Photographer.
    5. Leave the stage and go to the back of the hall and collect your certificate before returning to your seat. The College/School Officers will ask for your signed card when issuing certificates.
    6. Don your mortar board.
    7. Diplomates follow the same procedure, except that they do not kneel on the stool, since they are not capped, but proceed to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of College who will congratulate them by shaking their hands. 
  • Certificates and Transcripts

    In the case where graduation certificates have been withheld on account of outstanding matriculation exemption/fees/library books, collection of graduation certificates from the Student Records office  is subject to receipt of proof of the required documentation, outstanding fees having been fully settled, and/or library book(s) returned. Student Records office, which is a University-wide office, is located in Rooms  225 and 226, Administration Building, Westville Campus (Email:


    Graduation certificates may be collected during the following times: 08:00–13:00 and 14:00-16:00 (weekdays)

    All graduation certificates not collected by Graduates (excluding those withheld) will be posted, via registered post, after 31 July 2020.

  • Guests’ Tickets and Seating

    Unreserved seats are available for guests.  Due to limited seating-space inside the graduation hall, only 3 GUESTS per graduand may attend the ceremony. 


    Your seat card and guest tickets will be available for collection at the venue, from two hours prior to the commencement of graduation ceremony. The seat card will also be used as a receipt for your degree certificate; please sign it and have it ready for the collection of your certificate. Children under the age of twelve years will not be admitted.



    • No extra tickets are available (EACH GRADUAND WILL BE GIVEN A MAXIMUM OF 3 GUEST TICKETS)
    • Graduands and guests should be seated 20 minutes prior to the commencement of graduation ceremony
    • No late comers will be admitted
    • Children under the age of twelve years will not be admitted
    • Our graduation venues are gun-free zones.  No guns and other weapons are allowed
    • No unauthorized photographs to be taken during the ceremony
    • Smoking is not permitted in the hall
    • Cellphones to be switched off during the Graduation ceremonies
    • No food or drink may be brought into the hall

  • Parking

    In Durban parking for graduands and guests will be available at the soccer grounds, which is in close proximity of the Sports Centre, Westville Campus where the graduation ceremonies will take place.  No parking will be available at the Sports Centre.



    Should you have disabled guests kindly arrange with the security officers on duty at the Sports Centre to allow you to drive into the drop-off area to drop off such guests. You must then drive out of this area immediately to make way for other motorists and park in areas allocated for this purpose.


    In Pietermaritzburg parking for graduands and guests will be available at the Voortrekker High School Grounds (opposite the Royal Agricultural Showgrounds).

  • Order of Proceedings and Protocols

    1. The Chancellor will constitute the congregation.
    2. Welcome Address.
    3. Presentation of graduands and diplomates.
    4. The Chancellor will dissolve the congregation.
    5. The procession leaves the stage, followed by the graduates and 
    6. Guests leave the venue.

    Graduation is a formal occasion at which many courtesies and traditions are observed and it has its own terminology. Graduands are those who are about to have a degree conferred on them, after which they are called graduatesDiplomates are those who are about to be, or have been, awarded a diploma. 

    Courtesy includes graduands, diplomates and their guests all being seated before the procession enters the venue and remaining in the venue throughout. Graduands, diplomates and guests (congregation) should rise when the procession enters the venue. No-one should resume their seat until the Chancellor signals to do so. When the ceremony is at an end, the congregation should rise again and remain standing until the procession has left the venue. The graduates and diplomates will join the procession two rows at a time, starting from the front two rows (the most senior degrees) until the most junior diplomates form the end of the procession. As a mark of respect, guests should not leave the venue until the last graduate has departed.

    PLEASE NOTE: Graduands, Diplomates and guests are not permitted to leave the Hall until all the formal proceedings for the graduation ceremony have been concluded and the academic procession has left the hall. 

  • Photographs and Videos

    The official Photographers appointed by the University for the April Graduation is:


    …. - located in the marque at the Sports Centre, Westville Campus 

    -who will take graduation photographs of each graduate during the ceremony;

    -or at the Photographer's marquee at the graduation venue. Studios will be set up where photographs can be taken before or after the ceremony.



    Pre-orders of photographs (stage and family photographs) can be made via their respective websites:


    However you are under no obligation to order these photographs/DVDs.

    The contract you enter into is between you and the photographic studio. The University has no part in the contract.


    No unauthorised photographs to be taken during the ceremony. 


    Graduation 2020 DVD’s  will be available free for download on the website at:

    2020 DVD's will not be collected from Corporate Relations Division, unless you are purchasing a hard copy.


  • Quality Promotion & Assurance Graduate Opinion Survey

  • Keeping in Touch after Graduation

    Once you have completed your degree you become an "Alumnus" of the University. UKZN offers benefits and services to alumni, including access to campus facilities, finding a friend and alumni career portal. Visit our alumni website.

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