Graduation 2014 Highlights

15 April 2014 14h00

  1. CAES Grads PMB - We did it!
  2. CAES Grads PMB - a proud PhD graduand
  3. CAES Grads PMB - looking beautiful
  4. CAES Grads PMB - the Akermans and the Gilhams Grads
  5. CAES Grads PMB - gorgeous ladies
  6. CAES Grads PMB - a proud family
  7. CAES Grads PMB - all celebrating graduation
  8. CAES Grads PMB - excited graduands
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15 April 2014 10h00

  1. BCom degrees for Ms Swaliha Adam and Ayesha Aboobaker
  2. A PhD in Entrepreneurship for Dr Gnanam Pillay
  3. College of Law and Management Studies' top achievers from the Pietermaritzburg campus
  4. PhD graduate Dr Obianuju Okeke-Uzodike with her family
  5. PhD in Economics graduate Dr Josue Mbonigaba with his wife Solange and son Patience
  6. PhD in Economics graduate Dr John Dramani with his wife Abigail and son Nathan
  7. College staff member Ms Irene Laubser was awarded a BBA degree
  8. Pietermaritzburg campus Graduates of the College of Law and Management Studies
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14 April 2014 19h00

  1. Honorary Graduate Malcolm Christian surrounded by his family
  2. UKZN School of Education staffer Ms Jaqueline Naidoo with her family
  3. Graduate Goodness Thandi Ntuli
  4. DTA recipient Prof Sarojini Nadar and Professor Gregory Kamwendo share a joke at grad
  5. UKZN Staffer Dr Nicola Jones with her graduate son Mr Warwick Jones
  6. Paula Hulley graduated with Honours in Fine Arts
  7. UKZN Fellow Professor Jonathan Draper
  8. Honorary Graduate Dr Malcolm Christian with Prof Cheryl Potgieter DVC and Head of the College of Humanities

14 April 2014 14h30

  1. Graduate Mellisa Muchena looking glam
  2. Stylishly Traditional
  3. Ms Paige Frankson and Natasha Gillespie graduate with Honours
  4. An affectionate gesture at graduation
  5. Proud graduates with their degrees
  6. Happy to be graduating
  7. Gugu Madlala thrilled at graduating
  8. The academic procession on stage
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12 April 2014 14h30

  1. Excited parent at graduation
  2. Education graduates peruse through the graduation programme
  3. Ms Zama Makhaye graduates with her Diploma in Education
  4. Jubliant parent at graduation
  5. Graduate Nokuthula Sithole - Nontuthuzelo Majuqulana - Professor Thabile Ntombela and Professor Nobuhle Hlongwa
  6. Excited Education graduates
  7. All suited up for graduation
  8. All dressed up for graduation
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12 April 2014 10h00

  1. College of Humanities staff members showing off their traditional wear
  2. Dressed to the nines in traditional wear
  3. Lwazi Sithole could not hide his excitement when his name was called out
  4. Excitement fills the air ahead of graduation
  5. Striking a pose at the College of Humanities graduation ceremony
  6. College of Humanities Dean of Teaching and Learning Professor Nobuhle Hlongwa
  7. Excited College of Humanities staff member Nokuthula Sithole graduates
  8. Traditional garb at its best
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11 April 2014 19h00

  1. Dr Mervywn Williamson with colleagues Ms Kressantha Perumal (left) and Ms Jayrusha Gurayah
  2. Mr Brian Skea was awarded a BCom Honours summa cum laude
  3. Dr Thokozani Mbhele was awarded his PhD
  4. Double celebration for twins Raneshri and Thaneshri who graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree
  5. A PhD in Entrepreneurship for Dr Gnanam Pillay
  6. Celebrating academic excellence
  7. The Academic Procession
  8. Staff members Mr Sifiso Myeni and Mr Dhashendra Naicker who graduated with a Master of Commerce Degree

11 April 2014 14h30

  1. PhD in Economics graduate Mr John Dramani with his wife Abigal and son Nathan.
  2. PhD in Economics graduate Mr Francis Tandoh and his father Asora and mother Ama who travelled all the way from Ghana to celebrate his achievement at College of Law and Management Studies graduation ceremony.
  3. College top achievers Ms Pernelle Naidoo and Ms Nicole Naidoo
  4. College of Law and Management Studies PhD graduates
  5. The Aswanth Kumar twin brothers Kavish and Kaveer
  6. Dr Josue Mbonigaba graduated with a PhD in Economics
  7. Future Financial Analysts Ms Trishanta Srikisson and Mr Ahmadimran Tarmahomed
  8. Summa cum laude pass for Mr Thivesan Govender
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11 April 2014 10h00

  1. Dean and Head of School (Law) Professor Managay Reddi
  2. Judge KK Mthiyane enjoying a cup of tea with Professor Karthy Govender
  3. Rhodes Scholar Ntokozo Qwabe with his parents
  4. Top achievers from the Pietermaritzburg campus
  5. Law top achievers from the Howard College campus
  6. Law academic interacting with Judge Mthiyane
  7. Law academic Shannon Bosch was awarded a PhD on 11 April
  8. Rhodes Scholars Mr Ntokozo Qwabe and Ms Seham Areff
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10 April 2014 19h00

  1. Mr Magashen Naidoo graduates with Mr Sagaren Govender and Angile Gqaji
  2. MBA summa cum laude pass for Mr Praneel Nundkumar - CFO of the Durban Chamber of Commerce
  3. Former President of UKZN Enactus Mr Sethu Sidzamba graduated with a BAdmin degree
  4. Dr Thembekile Ntshakala was awarded a Doctoral degree in Public Administration
  5. Ayanda Vilakazi
  6. Mr Mngomezulu could not contain his joy when his wife was awarded a Doctoral degree in Public Administration
  7. Ms Levashni Moodley obtained an MBA cum laude
  8. Dr Knowledge Ngwane celebrating with his wife Cabangile
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10 April 2014 14h30

  1. Bloemfontein optometrist Nashua Naicker graduated with a Masters in Optometry at UKZN
  2. The crowd taking pictures
  3. A jubilant graduate
  4. A guest with a keen fashion sense
  5. UKZN academic Dr Jane Kerr graduated with a PhD in Nursing
  6. A first in Africa for Masters in Sport Science graduate
  7. Ulilating guests
  8. Ms Reeya Singh graduated on top of her class in health sciences
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10 April 2014 10h00

  1. First lady of South Africa Mam Bongi Ngema-Zuma with KZN’s MEC for Health Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo
  2. Nasreen and Tasneem Casoo
  3. Head of Neurology at Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg Dr Anand Moodley graduated with a PhD from UKZN
  4. Dr Neeta Patel graduated with a MMED
  5. Christopher Naidu
  6. Dr Komalan Govender graduated with an MMED degree in Anaesthetics
  7. Dr Vanesha Naidu graduated with an MMED in Radiology
  8. Dr Sandile Kubheka - UKZNΓÇÖs Youngest Doctor
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9 April 2014 19h00

  1. Clarice Romer eagerly awaits with her family to receive her BSc in Geological Science
  2. Amanda Wellman struts here stuff after receiving her Honours in Microbiology
  3. BSc Environmental Science students Nonkululeko Mnguni and Nokuzola Mhlawuli revel in their success
  4. Ntuthuko Masikane is gowned and ready to receive his PhD in Biology
  5. Carissa Naidoo makes her parents proud as she waits to graduate
  6. Graduands waiting for their names to be called
  7. Dr Moganavelli Singh and Dr Yougasphree Naidoo at the Life Sciences graduation
  8. Friends Thorisha Naidoo and Sanisha Naidoo excited to receive their BSc degrees
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9 April 2014 14h30

  1. Top Applied Maths summa cum laude students
  2. BSc Computer Science Honours summa cum laude students
  3. Applied chemistry students eagerly wait to receive the fruits of their labour
  4. Parents rejoice at their children's success
  5. Honorary graduand Dr Bernard Lewis Fanaroff (Director SKA) with graduates
  6. PhD students in Applied Maths prove that they have what it takes to persevere
  7. Megandree Govender achieves her BSc summa cum laude having done three majors
  8. Top Honours Statistics summa cum laude students
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9 April 2014 10h00

  1. Graduate Rogerant Tshibangu shakes Professor Deo Jaganyi's hand after receiving his BSc qualification
  2. Father cheers his child on
  3. Khalid Osman achieves his PhD in Chemical Engineering
  4. Stylish Electrical Engineer Siphokazi Mnukwa shines on her graduation day
  5. A father cheers enthusiastically for his graduating child
  6. Excited yet nervous students wait to hear their name
  7. School of Engineering lecturers earn their PhDs
  8. Academic procession walks in

8 April 2014 19h00

  1. SRC President gives his congratulatory remarks to all graduates
  2. Ms Bongiwe Vilakazi graduates with Masters in Education
  3. Professor Michael Samuel with Ms Aruna Ankiah Gangadeen
  4. Audience members get ready for graduation
  5. Masters in Education Summa Cum Laude graduate Ms Raeesa Ismail
  6. PhD Graduate Ms Aruna Ankiah Gangadeen
  7. Professor Deevia Bhana introduces Professor Rungano Zvobgo
  8. Guest speaker Professor Rungano Zvobgo
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8 April 2014 14h30

  1. Mother and daughter at graduation
  2. Ms Funani Esther Shezi graduates with her Masters in Education
  3. Busting out his best dance move
  4. The College of Humanities Graduates
  5. A family member embraces a graduate
  6. Mr Tawanda Makusha graduates with his PhD in Gender Education
  7. Screams and shouts of joy by graduates
  8. Eager Humanities graduates
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8 April 2014 10h00

  1. A graduate dressed in traditional attire expresses his excitement
  2. For the love of Music and Dance Ms Thabile Buthelezi graduates
  3. From left- Professor Cheryl Potgieter Professor Ruth Teer-Tomaselli and Mr Pieter Dirk Uys
  4. Honorary graduate Mr Pieter Dirk Uys meets Professor Renuka Vital and Professor Nhlanhla Mkhize
  5. Ms Zanele Jele graduates with her Honours in Social Sciences
  6. Pieter Dirk Uys accepts the honorary degree from UKZN
  7. Pieter Dirk Uys speaks to audience members at graduation
  8. Pieter Dirk Uys delivers his speech
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7 April 2014 19h00

  1. Psychology in the workplace thesis earns Ms Zurayda Shaik a PhD
  2. DVC of the College of Humanities and the Chancellor Dr Zweli Mkhize head up the academic procession
  3. Perfect smiles and perfect poise at graduation
  4. Graduates fill up the ceremonial hall
  5. Graduation hall packed to capacity
  6. Cancer Survivor Ms Indira Gilbert graduates with a PhD in Social Work
  7. UKZN Chancellor Dr Zweli Mkhize
  8. Ms Zurayda Shaik receives her PhD in Industrial Psychology
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7 April 2014 14h30

  1. The academic procession of the College of Humanities
  2. Young and old at graduation
  3. The academic procession onstage
  4. PhD Graduates with College Management
  5. The youngest of the young at graduation
  6. A family displays excitement at graduation
  7. Country Flags waved proudly
  8. Honorary Graduate Mr Andrew Kirkwood Muir with his sons
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7 April 2014 10h00

  1. Painted pink nails at graduation
  2. Academic procession ascends the stage
  3. UKZN Convocation members share a brief moment
  4. Overjoyed graduate at the Graduation ceremony
  5. Audience members
  6. The College of Humanities 2014 Graduates
  7. Ms Helga Koch's thesis on transport for the disabled gets her a Masters
  8. Audience members eagerly wait to see the College of Humanities 2014 graduates
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